Sunday, January 4, 2009

Web Award Season: Time to Make Nominations

Web Awards are interesting things. In most cases you do not win anything substantial but the link love you get is most definitely awesome. These online pageants introduce blogs to newer readers and larger audiences. It’s also a major technorati tag boost. I’ll be posting on my page soon. Wanted to let everyone know what’s going on.

A while ago, I was pleasantly surprised that this blog made the finalist cut for the 2008 Black Weblog Awards. More recently, Villager has awarded me two honors - The Thoughtful Blogger Award and the Helping Hand Award. Marenda also pinned this blog and 49 other fabulous blogs you ought to read for her own the Top 50 Best Blogs of 2008. The Africana Diaspora’s presence in the Blogosphere is here to stay. But I’ve yet to see any of us make waves in the ‘other’ Web Awards. I think we could really leverage some of this weight and love.

There are two Web Award contests beginning now: The Ninth Annual Weblogs Awards and The Blogger’s Choice Awards.

Nikolai Nolan created the Annual Weblogs Awards in 2001, and seems to have been going strong ever since. The Ninth Annual Weblogs Awards nominations open January 1, 2009. The 2009 website for The Bloggies becomes operational Jan 1. Here is the link to the 2008 is up now.
The Blogger’s Choice Awards Nominations are now open. The Blogger’s Choice Award requires registering in order to nominate. I think the winners and nominees of the 2008 Black Weblog Awards would be great nominees for comparable categories in these two Blog Award Competitions, as well as all the reciepients of these other Blog Love Awards to give to each other. I’m writing up my nominations list for both awards, now.

I’m putting together my nominations for each award. If you feel so inclined, give this blog a nod. I always appreciate the link love.

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