Friday, April 27, 2007

Life as a Scientist (in training)

I'm mining through my statistics today. As a scientist (in training), I am appalled by the errors I am finding. I'm pretty meticulous. I check and double check my figures and numbers several times when I record data, when I transfer it to my spreadsheets, when I upload it to the statistical package. To be sure I even check it again and make sure everything jives. So, whoa as me. Today, I'm trying to check my complete data set, just to get an idea of what's going on with my data and BAM! more mistakes. I couldn't reconcile the errors and missing values by comparing my various spreadsheets. I had to go and get my files containing my raw data.

Aaargh! If you (general public) only knew the pains scientists go through. Being anal is what makes one a good scientist. Sometimes I hate being so disciplined and thorough. But I couldn't live with myself cutting corners.

In keeping with today's theme, I'm sharing this Blog of Note:
Female Science Professor,

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