Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I Don't Smoke Pot

I grew up around pot, marijuana. My older relatives, including my parents were very unashamed about smoking refer in front of me. In fact, by the age of six I could separate out sticks and seeds from the bag and roll a joint as well as any adult. As I think back, I probably had contact high most of my life. At adolescence, I tried smoking it. I thought it was cool. I got high, got the munchies and giggles. My interest in it faded quickly. I tried it and and was done the same summer I took my first toke.

The war on drugs is an interesting one. Drugs are bad and marijuana, too; but not as bad as cocaine or heroine. Is is a gateway drug? I don't know. Most of the people I know who smoke weed are perfectly happy just smoking weed. So I don't think it's bad for that. Plus, I know alot of hippie-type scientists, so weed is like an academic muse. So it seems not-so-bad.

However, weed is not so good. It's subtle and subversive. I think of it as the "F it drug" because that's how you feel about life or circumstances when you smoke it.

Lost your job. Take a toke. Blow that ish out!

Got arrested. Take a toke. Blow that ish out!

Kids going crazing. Take a toke. Blow that ish out!

When I was working at the infamous job house, the employees would wander off and get high. Or come to work high. WTH? The drug I had known as a kid as a 'party drug' was now being used more as a coping drug. I need this to get by. ** I Get High, High, High**

I don't smoke weed because it robs you of your innate desire and will to be successful. So many of our kinfolks get high all day, everyday. They laze around complaining about a horrible life and pitfalls and get high to pacify the blues away. That pitiful attitude about self-sufficiency, hard-work, and effort is the bane of Black folk, especially poor Black folk. And I blame this drug for aiding and abetting that poor attitude. That's something I can't use.