Monday, October 1, 2007

Spotlight on Black Scientist and Science Blogger - Karen V.

Ph.D. candidate Karen V is a biochemist who is an up-and-coming science and medical news journalist and correspondent. She is obviously on the right track because she is a featured contributor and member of ScienceBlogs -- an online community of science bloggers. Like most of science, Science Blogs is not particularly diverse. In fact, I didn't know about her or her page before hand. I was surfing (read - procrastinating and avoiding writing my own dissertation) when I snagged a great big science catch. Imagine my pleasant surprise to see the photo of an African-American female (and a pretty one at that - because after all, too many people assume female scientists are unattractive and socially inept).

Science To Life is a science and technologynews update blog. She writes adn references a wide variety of topics - neurobiology, technology, life science, environmental issues, psychology, and medical research.
Check her page out!! My weekly doses of science are just little nibbles compared to her blog entries. For those proud members of the Afrospear and other Black Blogger Associations, I highly recommend adding her to, ybpguide, and other black blogs lists. I'm glad to see her out there. Thank goodness I am not all alone. I hope to see more science in the Black Blogosphere AND better professional diversity represented among online African-American professionals.

I am excited to extend her a hearty congratulations for being invited to be a member of ScienceBlogs. Among science-types, ScienceBlogs is a BIG deal; it's like having box seats. Heck, I'm even geeked that ScienceBlog Blogger Coturnix listed me on his daily Blog Roll last week. It's a real honor. Thanks Coturnix!

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