Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Graduation weekend - but I'm not walking

Okay, I was supposed to graduate this weekend. But I didn't. Why? Like so many other ABDs, I accepted a job. I was working diligently at first. Working 8 hr days (sometimes I was able to shave a couple hours off of the work day) and spend 2-6 hrs working on my data or revising chapters. But then one day I just fizzled out. I remember exclaiming how tired and anxious and overwhlemed I felt and I sat it down for a little while. Nearly 2 months later and my cohort is walking this weekend. My friend and colleague will be wearing my cap & gown & hood to the ceremonies. (Yes, I purchased my regalia..and ain't it a little ironic that I won't be the first and only one to wear it). Oh well.

So how will next semester get better? I'm quiting the job and becoming a Stafford Fellow. I am walking in May. Wish me luck and pray for I.

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