Monday, February 18, 2008

Science Blogging and the AfroSphere

Over MLK 2008 weekend there was a science blogging conference: NC Science Blogging Conference. There were many panels including one on Gender and Race in science. An over view/transcript of the panel can be read at Christina's Library Rant.
This conference, in its second year is a lot like the upcoming Blogging While Brown Conference in its aim and intentions. I couldn't make it to the Science Blogging Conference and likely won't attend the Blogging While Conference this summer. So I am very happy that recaps were posted on blogsites.

Check out some revelations on this topic - Science Blogging.
2008 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference
Science Cafe: Public Understanding of Science
Gender and Race in Science Blogging panel at the NC Science Blogging Conference

Okay, I think it is important to infuse more science info into the melinated blog universe. I know we have all have alot to say and surely it includes more than politics, social commentary, and entertainment/celebrity gossip.

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