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Science Diversity Meme: Women Scientists Summary

Wow! the Science Diversity Meme was quite successful. I've learned about so many women in science, math, technology, and the social sciences. The lesson learned - I became more attentive to paying attention to the 'person' who was a scientist. I began paying attention to who was being interviewed during Science Fridays on NPR. I paid attention to who was being interviewed for science and nature prorgams on Discovery Channel. I becamed focused on jotting down the names of these persons. For the television shows, I was noting how many may have been persons of color. Just an interesting note. And if you're trying to 're-tune' your students into paying more attention to the 'life cirucumstances' that yield scientific discovery, I recommend giving them such assignments. Have them learn more about the person, focus on the diversity of the field.

Here are the links to all Meme Participants. Each blog listed several Women Scholars and their commenters listed MANY other scholars.
Greg Laden's Blog at ScienceBlogs Eclectic Echoes Good Math, Bad Math -- adds in Computer Science as science field. Dinochick Blog - adds in Paleontologists. Planet Musings Dynamics of Cats - read comments, includes spontaneous discussion about Astronomers from different ethnic groups, too. Uncertain Principles: Physics, Politics, Pop Culture

Also, though these blogs didn’t participate in the meme, I came across them anyway and I have them to be included in this summary.
Tiny Flame: Women in Science post Jan 21, 2008
The Information Paradox: Women in Science post on Mar 31, 2008
Urban Science Adventures: Women in science post on Mar 3, 2008 and on Mar 10, 2008
Black Data Processors Association Education and Technology Foundation: Black Women in Mathematical Sciences on Mar 6, 2008
Women in Science Blog post on April 1, 2008 Scientiae Carnival: Fools and Foolishness and on Apr 05, 2008 Big Think: Shirley Tilghman on Women in Science

Here is a catalog of Women in Science

Life Sciences
Wildlife Biologist Amy Vedder
Neuropsychologist Nancy Wexler
Linda Buck, Molecular Biologist, currently at Howard Hughes. Recently go the Nobel Prize for work on the olfactory system (although she recently had to retract a paper, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal. The bulk of her work has stood up to pressure.)
Vivian Budnik, University of Massachusets. Neuroscientist. Studies addiction pathways and protein signalling. Eve Marder, Biologist and Neuroscientist, Brandeis. Pioneering work in neural circuitry formation and emergent rhythms. Once moderated a discussion with the Dali Lama at the AAAS meeting in DC a few years ago.
Nora Volkow, current head of the National Institute for Drug Addiction (NIDA) at the NIH. Did brain imaging to examine the role of addiction as a brain disease. Travels extensively internationally.
Karen Gale, neuroscientist, Georgetown. Studies basal ganglia, thalamus and limbic system expression of GABA receptors, and has been influential in analysis of epileptic rat models.
Mary Beckerle, Executive Director of the Huntsman Cancer Center (Salt Lake City) Dept. of Biology. Also a professor at the U of Utah and an expert on cell adhesion and motility.
Barbara Weiss
Mae Jemison, MD (NASA Astronaut) * listed multiple times
Dr Funmi Olapade
Beatrix Potter (fungus)Jane Goodall B. McClintock M.E. RuvuloC. KnottA. YoderLinda BuckHelen KellerRosalyn YalowRosie FranklinBarbara McClintock
Bobbie Lowe
Ruth Hubbard
Marty Crump
Erica Wildy
Sharon Franks
Karen Venti, Biochemistry *
Penny Boston - BiologyDiana Northup - Biology
Beth Shapiro - Biology
Sue Hendrickson - PaleontologyJennifer Blank - Geochemistry
Jane Goodall * Biology and AnthropologySylvia Earle - Marine Biology / OceanographyEugenie Clark - Marine Biology
Rosalind Franklin - BiologyB. Galdikas - BiologyMeave Leakey - PaleontologyLouise Leakey - Paleontology
Barbara Block - Marine Ecology and BiologyLisa Levin - Marine Ecology / OceanographyCindy Lee Van Dover – Oceanography
Laurie Marker - Biology
Gerty Cori *- Biochemistry
Genetics: Rosalind Franklin*
Beatrix Potter (fungus)Jane Goodall B. McClintock M.E. RuvuloC. KnottA. YoderLinda Buck!Helen KellerRosalyn YalowRosie FranklinFlorence NightingaleHilde Mangold (would have won a Nobel if she hadn't died tragically)Salome Glueksohn-SchoenheimerRita Levi-MontalciniMarianne Bronner-FraserNicole Le DouarinChritiane Nusslein-Volhard (Nobel laureate)Carla ShatzSusan McConnell

Physical Sciences
Astronomy: Henrietta Leavett
Geology: Tanya Atwater,Mary Anning, Marie Tharp, Inge Lehmann, Helen Tappan Loeblich.
Madam Lavoisier, wife of somebody. Judy SealeySusan YoungSara/Sarah Wilson? (South Africa)Kay BehrensmyerMary LyellEmi Ito
Marie Currie
Karen Venti, Biochemistry *
Mae Jemison, MD (NASA Astronaut) * listed multiple timesCarolyn Finney (Geography)
Henrietta Something...The lady who worked at Harvard Observatory and helped discover binary stars.Jocelyn Bell (Pulsars)Rosie FranklinMadam Curie Maria Goppert (sp?) (atomic structure)
Margaret Wertheim
Jennifer Ouellette
Alanna Schepartz (Yale)Laura Kiessling (Wisconsin)Carolyn Bertozzi (Berkeley)Alice Ting (MIT)Catherine Fenseleau Carol Fierke (Michigan)
Lise Meitner - PhysicsShirley Jackson - Theoretical PhysicsHenrietta Swan Leavitt - AstonomyMarie Curie - Chemistry and PhysicsIrene Joliot-Curie - ChemistryHelene Langevin-Joliot - PhysicsCaroline Herschel - AstronomyGerty Cori *- BiochemistryMaria Mitchell - Astronomy Jill Tarter - AstronomyLisa Kaltenegger - AstrophysicsElizabeth Catlos – Geochemistry
Carolyn Porco of the Cassini Imaging TeamLaura Danly of the Griffith ObservatoryMargaret Tolbert of the Univ of Colorado
Planetary Astronomer Heidi Hammel
Climate Scientist Inez Fung
Planetary Geologist Adriana Ocampo
Physics: Wendy Freedman, currently director of the Carnegie Obervatories. Helped being insight about the rapid expansion of the universe.
Lisa Randall, Theoretical physicist and author. Recently appeared on the Colbert Report
Planetary Science: Candice Hansen, JPL, recently part of the team that discovered an avalanche on Mars.
Jocelyn Bell (Pulsars)Rosie FranklinMadam Curie Maria Goppert (sp?) (atomic structure)Lisa RandallHelen Hogg
Chemistry: Judy SealeySusan YoungSara/Sarah Wilson? (South Africa)Marie CurieHelen Joliot-Curie

Math and Technology Sciences
Dr. Elva Jones, chair of Winston Salem State University's Computer Science Department and professor of computer scienceMath: Hypathia, Caroline Herschel, Sofia Kosavaleskya, Edna Krammer Lasson, Irene FonsecaRobot Designer Cynthia Breazeal
Biomechanist Mimi Koehl

Social Sciences
Dereece Smither
Meredith West
Jane Goodall *- Biology and Anthropology
Amber VanDerwarker – Anthropology
Mary Leakey – Anthropolgy
Sociologist Marta Tienda
Forensic Anthropologist Diane France
Anthropology: Diane Fossey, Mary Leakey
Laurie Santos, Yale. Psychology. Helped author the recent article "The Origins of Cognitive Dissonance: Evidence From Children and Monkeys"

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