Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why I Don't Smoke Pot

I grew up around pot, marijuana. My older relatives, including my parents were very unashamed about smoking refer in front of me. In fact, by the age of six I could separate out sticks and seeds from the bag and roll a joint as well as any adult. As I think back, I probably had contact high most of my life. At adolescence, I tried smoking it. I thought it was cool. I got high, got the munchies and giggles. My interest in it faded quickly. I tried it and and was done the same summer I took my first toke.

The war on drugs is an interesting one. Drugs are bad and marijuana, too; but not as bad as cocaine or heroine. Is is a gateway drug? I don't know. Most of the people I know who smoke weed are perfectly happy just smoking weed. So I don't think it's bad for that. Plus, I know alot of hippie-type scientists, so weed is like an academic muse. So it seems not-so-bad.

However, weed is not so good. It's subtle and subversive. I think of it as the "F it drug" because that's how you feel about life or circumstances when you smoke it.

Lost your job. Take a toke. Blow that ish out!

Got arrested. Take a toke. Blow that ish out!

Kids going crazing. Take a toke. Blow that ish out!

When I was working at the infamous job house, the employees would wander off and get high. Or come to work high. WTH? The drug I had known as a kid as a 'party drug' was now being used more as a coping drug. I need this to get by. ** I Get High, High, High**

I don't smoke weed because it robs you of your innate desire and will to be successful. So many of our kinfolks get high all day, everyday. They laze around complaining about a horrible life and pitfalls and get high to pacify the blues away. That pitiful attitude about self-sufficiency, hard-work, and effort is the bane of Black folk, especially poor Black folk. And I blame this drug for aiding and abetting that poor attitude. That's something I can't use.


jazzymom said...

Sorry, I couldn't spell my own website. I said that I like the way you approach this subject. We as black people are good at coping. We can cope and react but have trouble being proactive.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well that why i applaude liberty if one desire to let it be

Anonymous said...

Beyond silly I smoke every day and run a internet company from my house and i have the desire and will to be successful pot doesnt get in the way it actually motivates me to focus on the task at hand that is running my company..

Now i have seen so many people just smoke and do nothing and have no will but what are the chances that these folks would be like that with or without pot?

TJ said...

I think drug abuse is not a good thing. With the exception of folks who have chronic conditions, I can't see the whole weed thing and I've witnessed a lot of its use firsthand.

aude said...

firstly, i must state that i'm a hippie-electrical engineer, so make your assumptions now.

but i find the post brings up interesting considerations that i have made myself in debating whether or not to stop (smoking). concerning success and the 'drive' for it, i have questioned the true 'nature' of this emotion(?), instinct(?). a short story by asimov (of which, i cannot remember the title =[ sorry) inspired an interesting thought experiment wherein 'heaven' was an eternity of loneliness (as opposed to hell- which was oblivion/non-existence)- that is, one was accompanied only by a 'god' whose purpose for 'saving' the human was to force his cooperation in a countless think-tank. in short, the human was forced to 'think' for all eternity and nothing else with no one else.
anyhow, the interesting question was raised by the human, 'what purpose is there to invent, create, become stronger, wiser, faster if not in competition with or to impress fellow humans?'

i often challenge my motives with the question: if i were the last person on earth, would i be spending my time doing this and would i think it to be worthwhile? oftentimes, the answer is no. these are mainly situations that call for the acquisition of influence (wealth, power, etc) and attention (sexual, of the opposite sex; identification with the same sex; i.e. downright ego stroking).
do i care if my dog knows i have money? do i try to impress the birds of the trees by how smart i am?

(and to the point, we arrive)
i think that 'the will to succeed' or desire for success is not as innate as many believe. the desire to create, to explore- those, to me, are natural expressions of the human spirit in a beautiful world.
success is a social construct. natural in the sense that it involves people, i find it unnatural in that it is malleable by people. success in 2009 is certainly not what it was in 980BC and will not be the same in 10111AD (or however we're keeping 'time' by then).

many mind-altering substances that are attributed with elation have the same effect of defeating this 'desire for success.' however, as a student, i had never seen people smoke like artists (who define themselves by their desire to create). as an engineer, i get off on designing and problem-solving (for the 'common good,' no less). noteworthy is this 'separation' that seems to be more innate under these (substances) circumstances.

i suppose there is no grandiose conclusion here. this is not as much a pro-smoking comment as it is an anti-capitalist one =]


NCLEX rn review said...

Its very nice that you don't smoke pot.Smoking is really snatching the human life.
thank you

Bless said...

Even a cursory examination of alcohol or tobacco policy/history should compel a reconsideration of the plant's legality.

I think the post above was insightful to ask would the lazy, basically, be so post pot use. Were they lazy pre pot use would be my gauge on that one, and I bet everyone's different.

It boils down to a hopefully "response-able" personal decision thats hopefully grounded in facts and what's truly right for the person, as opposed to the propaganda. I mean, we wouldn't even consider the question "should my teenager get drunk" - of course not. My teenager shouldn't get high either.

What we need to do IMHO is be nonjudgmental about others regardless of which camp we're in. After all, everybody's brain chemistry has to be a little bit different, so the same stimulation, or lack thereof, can't be applicable to everyone.

One thing I think we all disapprove of is watching youth waist their productive years doing nothing, and for that reason I can't rationalize blazing it up with anyone under 25 and would encourage fellow tokers to be mindful of the impressions you make, weather it's weed, alcohol, you name it.

Courageous & open post, thanks.

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