Friday, August 31, 2007

Writing the Dissertation

Sorry for the very long pause. I didn't think I was going to step away for so long. But, that's the life of a scientist training. I'm writing the dissertation. So the last 7 weeks have been filled with analyzing data, re-analyzing data, cleaning data files, hunting down references, re-reading references, updating manuscripts, falling into a mild depression, sobbing, cursng data, forgetting hypotheses, remembering hypotheses, re-discovering previously written drafts (I wrote this? This sounds brilliant! or shitty, or whatever I'm feeling at the moment), checking in with advisors.

Okay, so I have 3 weeks - EEEKK! 3 weeks to finish my remaining 3 chapters (1 is down) so that I can make the December 2007 graduation deadline.

Oh, did I mention I accepted a JOB!! Yes, a job doing outreach with "an under-served audience". Sounds great, doesn't it? Well it is, kinda. I'm excited about the possibilities - the chance to mold minds and serve as a role model to our people and give them the tools to become successful in science career fields -or whatever else they may want to do. But my boss is an idiot. He wouldn't understand the difference between science and crap - and he's the author of the grant for this program.

What I've learned so far: BE very discriminating and demanding with the money you donate to social service organizations. They waste alot of money, piss off alot of great resources, and tend to hire and promote the least qualified/connected adn dim-witted people to do the most important jobs. HOLD them accountable. That's the best chance we have of actually helping our poor, less advantaged brethen.


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