Saturday, September 8, 2007

Learn by Doing

Typically, we think of quality learning as quite pupils awaiting instruction and information from a more knowledgeable tutor. "Sage on the Stage". But as a BIG proponent of experiential education, student-centered learning, and informal education approaches -- hands-on minds-on learning is best. Formal education is great, in fact essential. (You can earn a Ph.D. on streets, no matter what great lessons, you learn). But informal education is just as important, if not in some cases more important. Everything you need to know or learn in life isn't communicated in a text book or by your teach. There are other ways to learn, LiveScience recently posted a nice article to detail the benefits of 'life skills learning", read it here. And ofttimes, the best, most meaningful and long-remembered lessons are the ones we learn from doing.

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