Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Applied for a new job

Okay, the job issues still exist, but as of the last week and half, I promised to not complain about it. I still talk about it, but I hope not as much as I use to. Anyway, I heard rumors that a local agency had an opening. I called and asked about it, but the announcement wasn't confirmed. But just now, I was on the on-line job opportunties and low and behold a real opening. So I applied. The job woes may have worked themselves out; I hope so.

It will be a bummer to leave my existing, on the road to maturity, employees. The program supervisor (my boss) and the other supervisor, will just leave them hanging. They can't provide the technical guidance they need, and wouldn't know what it is they need, even if I leave instructions. Boy, I have no stock in their leadership or comprehension of the subject. Sad, really, because this program was my bosses vision, correct that, idea, in the first place. He designed the program (work up the objectives and benchmarks) but he's clueless to how to make any of that happen. One of my main issues with him/the program --It isn't really being implemented well.
Also, if I am offered and accept, this will be a serious pay/benefit cut. On the good side, the very good side: I'll be doing exactly what I want to do - OUTREACH - and have access to dozens of outreach professionals for mentorship. Plus, I'm praying to snagged by this agency and hooked into a bigger, more financially secure net by the time my school financial aid expires.

Anyway, wish me luck .

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