Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled program - SCIENCE

I was poking around and realized I haven't presented much heavy science lately. I've been bent on socioeconomics and class matters lately that I haven't been presenting a balanced show.

I've mulled around alot of ideas in my head and thought, "what the heck, I might as well share them with you."

Very early on, I thought about presenting regular features like:

Tasty Bits:
Up your Vocab quick definitions/explanations of oft-intimidating science words and jargon.
The idea would be to breakdown barriers and encourage more science-related conversation among Black Bloggers and Black Blog Readers.
Example - Mitosis, sample size, experimental group, controlled variables.
labels would include: scientific processes, science literacy
My concern is that it could get a little too much like a science class and put people to sleep. Humor helps, but that doesn't always go over well in printed media.
Frequency - once a week, twice a month, once a month???

Spotlight on Minority Scientists:
Just what the title implies. I've done this a few times - Black History Month and Women's History Month got a lot of play. I could step this up to a more routine feature - once a month.
labels would include: diversity, STEM, African-Americans

Hot Topics:
I've been mulling over this once ALOT. I've got a few in progress essays about genetically modified food crops, and other topics like Stem cells, Global Warming, Race & Society are on my desk. I've tipped-toed around it - e.g. the Sewer Study posts 1 and 2.
labels would include: hot topic
But I want to give such topics their due presentation. My beef is that the news and even blog commentators give the science short shrift. Part of the reason has to do with science illiteracy in this nation. I think another big problem is the overwhelming tendency for Black Blog Commentators to be emotionally reactive while being simultaneously horribly under-informed. As a scientist, this one burns me a new one and is the very reason why I blog. But the accuracy of the information is too important to just give soundbites -- I become guilty of the very thing I accuse others of.
Maybe I'll do these as topics rear their heads.

Science and the public:
Discussing how science benefits society and ways to share science with the public, specifically under-served audiences. I've also thought about sharing science-related podcasts in an effort to get my readers (and target demographic) familiar with these science information gems.
This topic, too deserves more than a few passing lines.
chewing on it...
The podcast part I could do more regularly - once a week....give you something to come back for???

Science Education
Sounds alot like the aforementioned topic. But would include entries about why good science (and math) education matter - especially for children of color.
I dabble at this too.

Well, thanks for being patient and allowing me to procrastinate EVEN more. Now, to become disciplined enough to do it. I don't want to abandon topics related to class and socioeconomics. Is that a hot topic or something else??

I'm still not sure how to proceed.
Looking forward to your feedback.

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