Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hello, My name is Snarky

I smile with pride with my ability to use my vocabulary to saying cutting remarks about people in their company but that go over their heads. It usually takes a moment (or days) for them to realize that I zinged them. Now, considering I use this blog to explore matters of classism, this is another way to distinguish and reinforce class roles. However, my favorite prey are those so-called Black Middle Class Sheep of which I have a mixed opinion on. I don't doubt alot of my unkind judgements rest on what might be characterized as my own demons -- coming from a working class (poor) background now mingling with these self-appointed VIPs.

But let me rant for a minute. I am often disappointed with how unread and unsophisticated they are. I mean they don't shit about shit -- but they sure look snazzy. And has anyone else been held hostage while they spout off their resumes? I try to remain stoic and professional, but I want to just stop them in their tracks and say "I'm not impressed with you. So, how 'bout them Celtics?" They're vocabularies are fair but not expansive, they think wearing a suit means they are an expert in every subject they witnessed on TV, their travels consists mainly of road trips to Chicago and Atlanta or to the Superbowl or NBA All-Star Game (tickets to game not included) and all of the clubbing and partying a 20 & 30 something can handle. Many don't have passports, don't speak a foreign language or have friends from other cultures. I mean, how does one consider himself so 'cosmopolitan' with such a lack of experiences?

I've always been a smart ass, a sassy mouth, sardonic. I often spoke words that were judged as disrespectful, rude or speaking over someone's head -- even as a very young child. I probably was punished more for my remarks than my mischievous actions. So imagine how amused I was to discover that Sarcasm is Seen as an Evolutionary Crucial Skill. How 'bout them apples?


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i feel the same way
nothing more offensive than a poorly read person

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