Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love my haters. They think about me all of the time.

Here is my occasional political rant.

What's up with all of the conservatives whining about Obama getting so much [positive] press coverage? McCain and others challenged that he hadn't travelled to the war zones or Europe and that Obama doesn't seem like he's ready to take the reigns on the first day.

Now, the media is following Obama like the Papparazzi. Iraqis, US soldiers abroad, and Europeans, heck, even Gen. Petraus is all ga ga over Barack. They love him! And McCain disembarks with a lone reporter to greet him....Hater.

And now that he is coming off as so confident and professional, they are accusing him of acting presumptive -- "He isn't the President yet. He shouldn't be acting that way, like he has it already." Haters!

One more thing -- The Patriotism of the McCains.

Anheuser-Busch was recently taken over by a European company, In-Bev of Belgium. I don't drink AB products (voluntarily) but I liked AB as a brand and as a symbol of American business. They overcame prohibition and built a powerful brand. And thanks to a very weak American economy a foreign company was able to buy it all out - lock, stock, and barrell - literally.

While Barack and other Democrat spoke against the problem, McCain was quiet. In fact his wife earned a mint.

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