Monday, October 6, 2008

Black Bloggers for Education are participating in the Blogger Challenge 2008

Donors Choose is an annual fundraiser that raises money to supply classrooms with the things they need. Teachers from low-income schools request certain materials and money for those materials. Generous Donors, like you, go online and pick the project they want to help and how much. The Blogger Challenge 2008 is a competition to Bloggers to raise funds for selected classroom projects.
Several Black Blogs are working together to raise funds for Needy Public School Classrooms with Donors Choose. We each have a different theme.

So please visit our Giving pages and select a project. Give as much as you can.

Also consider Matching Gift from your Company or its Corporate Foundation. More bang for the buck and the students win!

If you are a blogger there are 2 ways to participate:
1. Create an account and a Gift Giving page that is directly linked to your blog site. Your readers are asked to help you raise funds to for the classroom(s) you selected.
2. Promote the Black Bloggers for Education in the 2008 Donors Choose Blogger Challenge. Tell your readers about Donors Choose and encourage them to make a donation through one of the participating Black Bloggers for Education Gift Giving pages.

Other Supporters of Black Bloggers for Education:
What Tami Said
Fackin Truth
Springer’s Journal

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