Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day: Poverty

I can’t say I know abject poverty, but I know being poor, working hard to harvest little sucks. I’ve lived and shared experiences with people and communities who have less than and seem to have no real exit opportunities.
Many conservatives would debate that there several opportunities available. And I agree. On paper there are plenty of resources to help people get on their feet and prosper. But my question, as a liberal, is what are/have been the barriers that have kept people – some for generations – from recognizing these opportunities and taking advantage of them?

No one chooses to be poor or sick or disenfranchised. However, people do make decisions that contribute to their predicaments. Yet there is a chasm in consciousness between behavior, actions, and consequences. Obliviousness. I believe if we can awaken people and truly help them see and comprehend how their behavior and actions contribute to their negative financial circumstances, then we can help chart a course out of poverty. If we can guide them and not be mean or judgmental as they learn these new skills – which are both intellectual and physical, then we can help them apply these lessons in life to pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

I believe that service – contributing your talent and time to accomplish a goal for the betterment of a community – is way to resolve important matters. Serving others and making this world a better place is a noble calling. And I don’t think concept of service belongs to conservatives or liberals or Christians or any other religious group. It is non-partisan. It is a common ground. If those of us who care to serve and believe in service work to help others, then I believe we can create a just society where poverty no longer exists.
What work will you do to eliminate poverty?

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This post is part of Blog Action Day 08 - Poverty

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