Monday, December 8, 2008

Food Democracy Now - Real Change We Must Embrace

Food. It is a necessity. However, many people are completely blind to how our food is grown, raised, processed and distributed. Food processing is no easy task - at a local level (the farmer and processors) or on a large scale (big agribusiness, distribution, and preservation).

A few things that need to be kept in mind:
1. In this fragile economy many more people are at risk of food insecurity. We need better solutions. Reduce food waste. Keep people fed. Offer affordable nutritious foods to every neighborhood. Eat a healthier, balanced diet. Make produce, whole grains, and healthy meats, poultry, and dairy products available to everyone one. Take care of ourselves and each other.
2. Get back to more 'traditional' farming. Grow food crops in areas that are best suited to the local climate. Rotate crops. Eat more seasonal produce items. Eat more local foods. Presently, US agriculture practices are intensely dependent of fertilizer. We also transport our food items hundreds and thousands of miles to get them to our dinner plates. In this time of energy reconsideration, we need to cut back on our petroleum use - which is used to make fertilizer and transport our food.
So where can we start?
Join me in asking President-Elect Obama to select a responsible person to be the next U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. Go to Food Democracy Now and sign the Petition.

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