Tuesday, May 29, 2007

College Preparation

College Preparation
It’s never too early to start thinking about college, or too late. This posting is especially designed for those students who think that ‘maybe college isn’t for me – right now.
College is important. For one thing, this society is becoming increasingly more technologically advanced. An advanced education (beyond high school) is essential for financial and personal success. Gone are the days when one could simply ‘work hard for a living’ and support him/herself and family. Even labor jobs depend on people having critical skills and abilities. Rote and unskilled labor jobs are akin to serfdom.

No, a quality post-secondary education is imperative and I believe a university education may be one’s best bet. University education will provide one with a well-balanced foundation in the 3 Rs – reading, writing, and arithmetic and shapes students intellectually and cognitively. Thinking – critical thinking, discernment, and decision making are key qualities for the 21st century citizen.

So, I recommend the following College Preparation and Research references for any student or parent/guardian/mentor of a student. But don’t think you’ve got to run out and buy these books. Oh no. I check these books out from my local public library.

1. America’s Best Colleges for B Students by Tamra B. Orr.
ISBN: 1932662065

Financial Aid is also important for college preparation, so here are some starting points. First, start researching financial aid options as early as possible. There are a million different deadlines and eligibility requirements. Second, competitive essays and academic contests are a scholarship options. Third, the student in question is primarly responsible for completing applications and filling out the necessary paperwork. So help your student along with encouragement and proof-reading & time-management support. Finally, sock the moeny away. You can start amassing money as early as 9th grade and let it wait for you. You can take that money to any institution and use to cover tuition, books, room, and board.

2. The Financial Aid Book compiled by Student Financial Services
ISBN: 1-881199-01-0

3. Directory of Financial Aids for Women by Gail A Schlachter & R David Weber
ISBN: 1-58841-131-1
Reference Service Press produces over a dozen different financial aid guides for almost any demographic www.rspfunding.com

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