Thursday, May 17, 2007

Teaching science via active pedagogy

Far too many students enter and leave science classes memorizing the products of scientific endeavors without knowing what science is. They fail to understand that science involves the observation of natural phenomena, formulating hypotheses, and testing hypotheses. Having served as a resource scientist at an urban high school, I realized that these kids, no matter how bright and promising, were not at all cut out for college science courses. While delivering content knowledge in life science to students, I realized that it was just as important to help them discern what science is. As a scientist and an educator, my objective is to engage students to become active learners -- to ask questions, design experiments and test hypotheses. Specifically, I think it is important for students (high school, college and adult learners) ro have authentic science experiences. Such activities (also called problem-based or inquiry based lessons) can help foster lessons related to scientific processes.

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betul said...

I agree. Student contribution is not possible when the teacher just talks and talks. POGIL is a good example for active pedagogy but PBL is one of my faves.

I wrote about PBL before, if you don't mind I would like to share.

Go active learning!