Sunday, September 9, 2007

Diversity & the U.S. Environmentalism Movement

Yale has recently publiched a report, Diversity & the U.S. Environmentalism Movement. It features interesting titled articles about the current state of diversity, why diversity in the field is imperative, and even addresses environmental justice issues. I'll be reading articles and posting reviews and commentaries of select articles.

Environmental justice is an interesting point. A friend and colleague at Georgia Southern University mentioned this term to her environmental science studies. None of them had ever heard of the term. She was sure this was a fluke - her students are teenagers, afterall, minds and days filled with frivolity. So, she asked her father, a smart, civically engaged man. He had never heard of the term either. Admittingly, she & I are rather politically engaged individuals, we tend to be concerned with the social justice and conservation aspects of the environmental justice. Often, civil right action groups focus mostly on the social justice issues. But this still floors me. Hmm, perhaps the general public's ignorance of environmental justice is the first battle.

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