Friday, September 21, 2007

What would Matthew Henson think? Polar Ice is melting

Matthew Henson is arguably one of the greatest recent era explorers of America. He is noted as the first Black Man to reach the North Pole and was one of 12 of the brave expedition. His humble beginnings as an orphan and cabin boy were not limitations to his interests or life's aspirations. This is a great chapter in African-American History and it should be shared with others, especially our children and charges. He is considered a national hero and is buried at Arlington National Cemetary. But with the recent announcements that both of our planets Polar regions are in grave danger, it gives pause.

This week's science meal is about Arctic Ecosystems and the threat the North & South Poles face from climate change snapping at our heels. Two articles about the decline and melt of the poles were published this week: The North Pole is melting and NASA: Antarctic Snowmelt Increasing. It gives a sense of urgency and panic to the work related to International Polar Year, which if you didn't know is a great celebration, education focus, and research push to learn as much about Arctic ecosystems before they all disappear. Plus it's an exciting science education learning theme.

So, open up and have a heaping helping of science! Delicous.
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