Sunday, May 25, 2008

Africa Day - The Role of Math & Science in Promoting the Continent's Prosperity

The African Union celebrates May 25 as African Day. Since 1963, the Organization of African Union has celebrated African Unity and Cooperative Growth of countries. The AU aims to create an economically (and socially) stable continent from the wake of colonialism and natural resources mismanagement.
Computer Scientist and African Activist Philip Emeagwali ushered in this year's Africa Day an essay “Africa Must Produce or Perish”. The Continent deals with a host of issues. Science and Mathematics are the foundations of innovations in economic development and stability. But who is responsible for resolving these matters - the former colonists, NGOs like the Red Cross, well-intentioned nations like the US or the United Nations...or Africans?
Only Africans will solve Africa's problem. Mathematics & Science lead to peace and prosperity. How bold is that statement? TED and the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences are looking for the Next Einstein in Africa! The Next Einstein can be African!

Promoting quality education, especially science and math education, is the path to eradicating poverty and hunger and instability and inequality. Support the Next Einstein Program. Its goal is to open fifteen AIMS centers in the next three to five years. And it is possible. Five students study at AIMS for the cost of educating one student in the US or Europe. You can help by donating money to provide scholarships, building awareness and contributing materials, learning equipment/supplies, or expertise.

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