Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hillary on O'Rielly last night.

Ohmigosh! Can you believe that interview?

Why I am I up in arms? The first question, out of the gate by Bill is "Rev. Wright can you believe this guy" (open enough question, good bait).
Hillary's response "Well, we're gonna let the voters decide."

VOTERS DECIDE!! VOTERS DECIDE?? Decide what? To vote for Jeremiah Wright or not? He's not running for ANY office and he doesn't represent or is apart of Obama's Campaign. Okay, it is on, now. She has officially made it clear that voters and perhaps Superdelegates should weigh Wright and his statements as they consider a vote for her or Obama. This isn't about Jeremiah Wright (that's right Michelle, get those reporters back on the real topic).

How ludicrous. I can retort with ' Hey Bill Clinton, the lech, can you believe him? And his wife stands idly by?' Hey, let's let the voters decide?

Stick to the issues. Who's the better candidate? Who speaks to those policy matters that most impact your life?

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