Monday, May 26, 2008

UNESCO - Human & Social Services

The Human and Social Sciences Division of UNESCO aims to advance knowledge, standards and intellectual cooperation in order to facilitate social transformations conducive to the universal values of justice, freedom and human dignity. They provide research, identify and analyze trends, propose paths of action that help reduce the gap between what is and what should be. The themes of this division is Ethics, Human Rights, Philosophy, Poverty Eradication, Social Transformations, and Physical Education & Sport. The PE and Sports theme interesting. I’ve thought of sport and exercise as a social and human service. And I don’t quite follow how this works. But promoting health, wellness, and fitness is always a good thing.

Though I don’t come right out and say it, the elimination of poverty is important to me. Related to this issue is the classism that piggy backs on poverty – the socio of socioeconomics. Though I have absolutely NO expertise in social services, I can be very opinionated about such matters. My life experiences have put me in the trenches, so to speak, of socioeconomics/class issues -- my experiences at “Fair Eastside High School”, volunteering at the Urban League, and my former job house (a social service agency). … reducing the gap between what is and what should be...that gap gets to me sometime. I get put off by systems that just don’t operate right. So, I find the mission of this division inspiring.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

it will be hard as long as there are very very rich, there will be very very poor

The Urban Scientist said...

I know you're right. But in my head, the revolution can still happen...if we only educate and prepare the very poor and guilt/convince the very rich into being more egalatarian.