Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watching the DNC, but sick of the Obama Celebrity Comparisons

I'm watching the DNC and related news coverage and I'm enjoying it. But I am tired of the Obama-Celebrity references. Now, if a star shows up at the convention everyone is asking if that might hurt Obama. WHAT? All of this nonsese started with the McCain Ad on Obama as a Celebrity.

First of all, Obama isn’t a celebrity, he just happens to be very popular. The McCain camp is just jealous about all of the attention – from the media and from the droves of young people who like Obama. Haters.

Second, celebrities are citizens too. So they have every right to participate in the process. In fact, for many people they set an example of why civic engagement matters. Not that I think the masses need public figures to co-sign on things, but for more people than I like to admit, having a big star say something matters, means it matters. In this case, civic engagement matters.

Finally, I am SO disgusted by the selective memory of Republicans. First it was Clinton and drug use, but for George W it was a throw back to his heathen days. No big deal. Now Obama’s popularity means he can’t cut it. Hmmm, does anyone remember Ronald Reagan? He was a bona-fide movie star. And he was elected twice! Not only that, he is considered the quintessential Republican Leader.

Are you kidding me? The Republicans are playing the “celebrities can’t be leaders” card.

The Celebrity-Republican Hall of Fame

1. Ronald Reagan – Bedtime for Bonzo President

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger – the Governator

3. Sonny Bono – I Got You Babe Legislator

This tale needs to be neutralized right away. I’m sick of the media and conservative pundits making a big deal out of this.

Wake up people!


TJ said...

I remember seeing that dufus spot and thinking really? From the party that brought us two terms of Ronald Regan? Really? Another reason that I can rest easy that my independent registration will NEVER go GOP. Ever.

The Urban Scientist said...

I'm with ya tj

dweiums said...

Not to mention Fred Thompson and that guy from the Love Boat! Scary. The RNC is expert at reversals and co-opting others messages and ideas.

Drugmonkey said...

and JC Watts was a local celeb, was he not?

The Urban Scientist said...

yeah. I forgot all about "law and order" Fred Thompson...And I don't know about the Love Boat guy...
JC was an athelete...but he never got any real love from the RNC.

That has got to be a little sad. To support the platform of a party that is so not feeling you as a demographic. I respect people's political leanings, but it so uncool for the GOP to be unashamedly "WHITE, WHITE adn Extra-upper middle-class, small-town rural white".

Really, Im waiting on them - GOP - to define its party ideals in a way that isn't filled in code that just means - white ad affluent.