Friday, August 1, 2008

Cross Post: Towards Solving the Math-Science Achievement Gap - Eddie Griffin

Fellow AfroSpear Member and Educator, Brother Eddie Griffin has written a position paper about the sad statistics concerning the Math-Science Achievement gap here in this nation. Students of color are WAY behind their white classmates in most subjects and at every level. And in math and science education, the gap is more like a chasm. And class (socioeconomics) pla s a big part. "Wealthier" school districts just have better resources and the students benefit. It's time that those of us who care about these issues participate - in one way or another.

Please be sure to check out his post: Towards Solving the Math-Science Achievement Gap. I especially like his links to Tutorials/Virtual Education Tools on various math and science subjects.

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Anne said...

Given the nature of your concerns regarding black education, you might be interested in knowing about Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. and his curriculum proposal to use genealogy and DNA testing to get African American students engaged in history and science education. He discusses this idea in an interview on Public School Insights at