Saturday, September 27, 2008

Green for All Demands Green Jobs Now

Green for All is just that, an environmental and economic movement that is for EVERYONE. The Wealthy. The Poor & Disenfranchised. Students. Urbanites. Small Town Folk. And Green for All is demanding Green Jobs Now – to save our world and our communities.

Living Green isn’t just about respecting and protecting the earth. It’s also about living this life well and with security. No one should have to worry about energy costs vs. quality nutrition. These issues are as much environmental as they are economic and about social justice.

Money + Environment = Green Economy

I’m ready to eradicate poverty.

I’m ready to live more responsibly and take care of my community & neighbors, nature & my environment, and fiscally.

I’m ready for a Green Economy. Are you?

Join me in spreading the word about Green for All and demand Green Jobs Now!
Visit the website and check out the Green Jobs Now Video to learn more about the movement and ways you can participate.

Go Green, Live Green, Save Green, Make Green!