Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Save the Date: National Digital Media Day - September 25

National Digital Media Day is coming, soon Sept 25th. I use digital technology - the computer, the internet, and occasionally a digital camera - to share with what’s happening in science and education and how we can make our communities better.

So as I promote this day, I want to share links about Digital Media and Science Education that reach out to young people – the Digital Age Generation – and creative ways Digital Technology is used to attract students to science and teach scientific concepts.

* Engaging the YouTube Generation in Hands-on Science – press release from the National Science Foundation
* State of Play: Students use Computer Games to do science experiments and solve real-world problems. – press release from the National Science Foundation
* Chemical Reactions – acted out by role play - funny and accurate – from Ovablastic, a blog of science you-tube videos. It’s great.
* AP Biology: Animal Behavior (Part 1) – a funny explanation and role play of animal behavior descriptions. Hat tip to Bora from Blog Around the Clock.

image credit: http://www.lee.edu/~mpr/scholarlee/images_scholarlee/digital_media.jpg


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

now i got to chk out Bora

The Urban Scientist said...

You should. I think you'd enjoy his work.