Friday, September 5, 2008

Thanks for the Love - Black Weblog Award Winers Announced

The results of the 2008 Black Weblog Awards are out. And the Science/Tech Blog Award goes to two Technology-based blogs.
Popular Vote: Nerd With Swag
Judges’ Vote: The Boy Genius Report (NIX)

Congratulations to both. I wasn't surprised that the voter turnout would be much less than the nomination turnout (9,000+ vs. 1400). And I wasn't too surprised that the Tech blogs would win, either. I am very honored and glad to have made the Finalists cut and that my blog was one of 2 actual science blogs named as finalists. I curious to see the the entire list of nominees for this category. How many blogs were nominated and how many were science-based versus tech based. Science Blogs written by people of color are pretty rare, so I would love to connect to my brethren/sistern. So, BWA, can ya help me out with that? That would be nice.

Thanks for all of the love!!

New Best Science/Technology Blog (Judges’ Pick) Selected - it is now SheGeeks.
Still a Tech Blog, not science. Seems, that the Boy Genius Report failed the first criterion - a black author.
Congrats, SheGeeks.

Oh, and I'm still waiting on a reply from BWA about the list of Black Science (and Tech Blogs). I'm about to put the BWA founder, Markus Robinson, on blast. No, I am doing it.

Dude, C'mon with the list. It seems more than fair considering you and your committee flubbed up big time and chose a non-Black Blog for a Best Black Blog Award.