Thursday, September 25, 2008

National Digital Media Day - Using Tech for STEM Education

Digital Media has really made a big impact in our world today. Think about it, some of us are easier to catch up with on line than on the phone or would rather send a text than write a letter. Digital media certainly does make life easier and convenient.

I think blogs and the internet in general have an amazing capacity to share information and educate the public. Teachers, students and parents can go to the internet and discover and download the world. Digital Media can be used (and are being used) to improve math and science education by enhancing and supplementing curriculum, aiding in research and independent study projects, and by just improving learning. It's all there.

Just googling can uncover gems.
The Smithsonian: Encyclopedia Smithsonian Science & Technology - everything from space, planet, animals, physics, forensics, conservation, to communications.

Or checking out any of the science, math, and education websites and blogs I have listed on my side bar.

Also, two of my fellow AfroSpear Members: Eddie Griffin and Fredric Mitchell.

Eddie Griffin's New School of Human Rights is a strong advocate of math education and enhanced critical thinking skills among today's urban youth. In fact, his tag line reads: "Building education systems online to propel our children to be the best that they can be." An archive post: Towards Solving the Math-Science Achievement Gap which is a bold proposal to solve this achievement gap using technology.

Fredric Mitchell with Young Black Professional Guide, is a web developer based in Chicago who hopes to one day start a foundation to support young, Black males in programming and computer science.

Though the use of Digital Media is great and can benefit all, it is not a universally accessible tool -- at least not just yet.
Our society still needs to address and solve the matters of access and affordability of these technologies. And we still need to close the computer literacy gap by introducing these technologies and helping members of under-resourced communities learn to fully utilize them in way that doesn't make them feel alienated.

In the meantime, I think lauding the benefits of Digital Media is a great start.

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