Saturday, January 12, 2008

10 Technologies that will change your life has again assembled a great top ten list, this time technologies (some in progress, others yet to be completed) that WILL change our lives. Check it out.

It is projected that these new technologies will improve our lives - individually and as a society.
However, some of these technologies will likely be expensive or use-specific, so the need for everyone will be hit or miss....but it will have an impact, nonetheless.

I'm especially eager about # 10 - Digital Libraries; # 6 - Better, Cheaper Solar cells to provide electricity to the grid (go green!); #2 - Therapeutic Cloning, and #1 - Creating a Hydrogen Economy and getting off the oil (go green!).

You techies, might be all geeked about #8 - Pervasive Wireless Internet (it's not quite everywhere yet, but they're working on it); #5 - Location Based Computing (just point at anything and click and you're at the website); #4 - Desktop 3-D Printing (create your own designs and blueprints at home or work); and #3 - Moore's Law Upheld (computing technology does keep getting better, faster, and smaller).

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