Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hilary take a seat. Edwards stay in there.

I don't normally do this but.....I'll step into the Political Fray this time.I'm all for Edwards or Obama - why? They are the "change candidates"...maybe not. But they are definitely the consensus candidates. And as much as I like the Clintons (I voted for Bill in my very first election), and as smart and capable as I think Hilary is, I say no to her. I say no to her and yes to the gentlemen for the follow reasons.1. Hilary is a divisive figure. For whatever reason (and please feel free to let me know the many ways) lots of people just don't like her. Never have. In college, I remember the super-right Southern Christian conservative republicans getting physically ill because Hilary's husband won the election. Their words, not mine. The conservative right has always regarded her as an inappropriate "First Lady" who was way too ambitious and political for their taste. She is way too polarizing for my taste. Though it would be exciting to have a female president, I don't think it's her. And why is it that the very first viable female candidate is the spouse of a former president? Could not a female candidate be viable if her husband wasn't the former president? And is it me, or is Bill acting like he's running for a new term. Clinton election by proxy....2. Obama and Edwards are consensus builders. They appeal to middle and working class Americans, the Democratic parties base. This country is way too polarized as it is. It's time for the country to build consensus, not dig it's heels in. Hilary represents polarization. It's time for a change. That's the change I want. With that in mind, it looks good that McCain might become the Republican candidate. He is also a consensus figure. As Green as I am, I like McCain, alot of Dems and Independents like him. I'd vote for him.But I am concerned that many Americans may not yet be ready for an African-American president and vote for the other guy just because.So, I'm looking forward to an Edwards/Obama card vs. a McCain/?? card. Either way, I think our country will be in the hands of some well-meaning, willing-to-pay-attention-to folks leaders.Just my thoughts.


The Urban Scientist said...

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Villager said...

I tend to agree with your assessment about Hillary Clinton on a number of grounds. She is definitely a candidate that would bring together republicans unlike any other candidate from democratic party. They truly hate her.

Also, I just think that it is time to turn the page on the Bush-Clinton-Bush presidential ascendency. If she wins and serves 8 years then you would have only seen Clintons and Bushs in the white house during your adult years. That might be OK for the Queen of England ... but, it doesn't seem natural to me as an American citizen.

Time will tell.

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Just a thought...]

peace, Villager